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Latest Updates
  • 07/12/12 New Craft Masks
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  • 04/12/12 New Stamp
  • 30/11/12 New Stamps
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    This page will be used to help you in your shopping experience. We have included questions as a quide on how to shop in our online store.

  • How to Buy
  • How much is it in my money?
  • How to pay by credit card
  • How to pay by PayPal
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    As you are in this section, then you have already found our online store.

  • To browse our categories, click on the links on the menu to the left

  • Once in a category you can choose to buy an item or get further information and/or a larger view of an image by clicking the image of the item you are interested in

  • Prices on this screen are shown with VAT included, this will be taken off at checkout for non European Union customers

  • If you have found what you are looking for, then you can enter the quantity you require and press the Buy Now button

    If you are on the category page

    If you are on the product page

    Note the price on this page also shows the VAT/Tax so the lower price will be paid if you are not in the European Union

  • As soon as you press "Buy" a new window (or tab) will open (called cart) with your shopping basket. You can close this window if you wish as it will keep the items in your basket.

    Notes: prices shown in the shopping basket exclude VAT/Tax so this will be added if purchasing from the European Union

  • You can then carry on shopping and add further items or checkout. To view what you have at any time, click the "Review Basket" option from the menu

  • Please view the section on Pay By Credit Card Or Pay By PayPal to continue the process

  • We got asked many times how much was an item in the currency of a non UK buyer. We have therefore provided on many screens currency conversion tools to help you find the price of an item

    1. From the menu
    Within the online store menu there is an option for Currency Assistant - click this option and a new tab or window will open

    As soon as you press GO the converter will give you the value in your particular currency

    2. From the Online Store page
    About halfway down the page you will find exactly the same converter as in point 1 - the process is exactly the same.

    3. From the Individual product pages
    Where you click an image of a product to be shown further information and a larger view, at the bottom of the page there is a currency converter which will convert the pre-tax (VAT) value to your currency, showing exactly the price the item is in non European Union values.

    As soon as you press GO the converter will give you the item price in your particular currency

    We have created a page on how to pay via credit card, you can view it by clicking here

    We have created a page on how to pay via PayPal, you can view it by clicking here

    Should you have any further queries you can contact us via.

  • Telephone: Call 01642 789955
  • Email: contact@craftyindividuals.co.uk

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